Top 4 Most Popular Summer Sports in Finland That You Must Try

From the traditional to the more adventurous, Finland offers a wide variety of summer sports for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for an invigorating outdoor activity or a relaxing way to spend a day, Finland has the perfect sport for you as well as the health companies in Finland to cop with unwanted situations. From renowned fishing to exciting beach volleyball, here are the top four most popular summer sports in Finland that you must try. For the best summer sports products, read online reviews in Finland so that you can get quality products for your sports. With ReviewsBird’s active community of reviewers, you’ll get all your answers regarding Finland’s companies with honest and transparent comments.


Football is the most played game in Finland, and with the country having reached the resources for sports equipment, it is one of the favourite games for sports enthusiasts. On top of that, Finland has its own football league Veikkausliiga. The Finnish team even made it to the tournament of the Euro 2020, which was considered a privilege for a country like Finland to step into sports and reach to international level. This is the reason why football is an entertaining sport in summer.

Finnish Baseball

Baseball is famous among the masses especially the women of the country as a fun activity and a perfect sport for summer. It has not gained recognition as a specific sport in Finland, yet people living in the smaller regions prefer to play it and make leagues of their own with award ceremonies on a small scale.


Floorball is just similar to hockey, yet it is considered safer and more playful when it comes to sports in Finland. It has lightweight bats and balls, and the game is even played indoors in scorching heat in summer, yet it is one of the favourite games in Finland. The balls are made of plastic and the sticks measure about 115 cm long. Although this game was invented in Sweden in 1970, it made its way to Finland to become one of the popular summer sports.


This game is similar to American baseball, with certain variations. In the traditional baseball game, the ball is thrown horizontally, whereas in this game it is thrown vertically, this game is not only famous in Finland, it made its way to Australia and other countries with an exclusive world cup organized to play this game. Otherwise, it is a favourite sport for Finnish people in summer.


Moreover, fishing, running, swimming and beach volleyball are all must-try summer sports in Finland, each offering a unique and exciting experience. Fishing, in particular, is a beloved pastime among Finns, who often go to great lengths to find the perfect spot to catch some of the country’s renowned fish. Running is also a popular summer activity, with many Finns taking advantage of the country’s picturesque trails and forests. Swimming is the perfect way to cool off in the hot summer, and Finland is home to some of the most beautiful lakes and rivers in the world. Finally, beach volleyball is a great way to get active while having fun with friends and family.